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5 criteria points that makes a nurture.

1. MOTIVATION: They have a reason why they NEED to move. This could be for a job, change in family size, etc.

2. TIME FRAME: Each Nurture has told us they are looking to buy or sell a home within one year.

3. FOLLOW UP TIME: Each Nurture tells us exactly when to follow up with them. When they are expecting your call, they are more likely to pick up the phone and have you follow up.

4. SELLING OPPORTUNITY: We ask every Nurture if they are working with another agent/lender already and if they would be willing to work with our agent/lender. The last thing you want is to waste your time calling and following up with a client just to find out they are already under contract with another agent/lender.

5. VERIFIED CONTACT INFORMATION: At the end of every call, we verify that we have the Nurture’s name, contact info and email written down correctly.


In today’s world, the term “lead” has become very watered down. Some leads fill out a form to be contacted, others are forced to register, while others have simply advertised themselves to the agent public as FSBO or Expired.

Our in house team TALKS to every Nurture, utilizing our 5 criteria points, to verify each nurture.

Along with fully accurate contact information, each nurture has confirmed “real” motivation to buy/sell within a year, a defined follow up time directed by the prospect and confirmed desire to speak with an agent/lender.

This allows you to focus on selling more real estate or closing more loans rather than lead generation.