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Trained and Full Time ISAs Calling For You.

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At Phone Animal, lead generation is in our blood. Don’t waste your time sifting through thousands of unqualified buyers/sellers.  We provide you with a fully trained ISA who is supported by Phone Animal and working 40 hours a week for you.  Our ISAs can do both outbound prospecting and inbound conversion.  Whether you are looking to fill your pipeline with qualified seller leads or looking for help with converting incoming leads for you business, Phone Animal is here to help!

How It Works

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We Train

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Agents Love Our ISAs

“I have been using Phone Animal since I attended Mega Camp 2015 and have found their services to be professional, forth-right and crucial to the development of my business goals as a Keller Williams agent. As with my MAPS Coach, I utilize Phone Animal as a team member in my business which correlated to an impactful Return on Investment on my bottom line. Phone Animal adheres to the principles of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and has been integral in empowering me to reach new levels.”

Jesse Y.
Keller Williams Realty
Denver, CO



“Phone Animal has been top shelf from start to finish. The process of getting started was just hands on enough that I know how everything works, who to call about what, and why they use the systems they use. This is a well put together business with a high level of customer service. Oh yeah, they are also fantastic at what they do. They have filled my listing pipeline and we have already listed and closed enough business to pay for the service for the first 6 months.

Cameron W.
Keller Williams Realty
Midland, TX

“Phone Animal and their ISAs have helped my team build a massive seller pipeline that has converted into multiple listings and closings.  We’ve also enlisted their help with our inbound conversion to help with 5 minute response and nights/weekend coverage.”

Matt P.
Keller Williams Realty
Austin, TX

“Working with Phone Animal has allowed me to focus on getting appointments and taking listings.  There is no way I could have put the number of seller nurtures in my database without leveraging Phone Animal and their ISAs.  My ISA is highly trained and her scripts are so solid that listening to her has actually helped me on my calls.  I highly recommend Phone Animal if you want to build a consistent, predictable, listing focused business.”

Bob S.
Keller Williams Realty
Atlanta, GA

“I have been working with phone animal since 2014 and they have been a fantastic partner since day one.  The value of having a fully leveraged and trained ISA team without having to recruit and build it yourself is just amazing.  You get out of it what you put into it, if you want a set it and forget it lead generation system for seller nurtures you can simply hire them and let it run.  We have poured into our ISA’s with training and mentorship on local dialogues and reasons for moving which has helped them succeed at a super high level.  The ISA partners are hard working and dedicated and so is the staff at Phone Animal who trains them and holds them accountable. The ROI has been great and furthermore the ROT(time) is 10x vs trying to recruit, hire, train and hold accountable the ISA’s ourselves as a small team.”

Steve L.
Keller Williams Realty
Sacramento, CA

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