What is a nurture?

A nurture is a potential seller who has passed the following five criteria. First there has to be a solid and identifiable motivation to move. Second, the possibility of selling within the next 12 months or less. Following that is an established opportunity for you, meaning they do not have an agent that they are already committed to working exclusively with to sell their home and are open to meeting a new agent. Fourth, we establish clear and valid contact information for your follow up. Fifth and final is that the seller has provided our sales team with a clear follow up time.

Is there an agent referral fee involved when I close a deal?

There are no backend fees with any nurtures you get from Phone Animal

Am I guaranteed a certain amount of nurtures?

Leads will vary from market to market since every market is different. Our sales specialists will be able to learn more about your market and discuss what the expectations would look like for your specific market.

What should my Return on Investment be?

The purpose of Phone Animal is to build a pipeline to take consistent listings over the course of a year. The bigger the pipeline you build, the better the results. Over the course of the last 18 months we have collected data to see how many of our nurtures have turned into listings. Out of 5,000 nurtures, In 1-3 months 2% of those became listings. In 4-6 months about 6.5%. 7-9 months 7.5% 10-12 month 10.5% 13-15 months 16.25% and 16-18 months 25% Our goal is for you to have a 5X-7X return on your investment. This return is built over time and built with follow up.

How soon can I expect to take a listing?

Many of our agents have taken listings within days of nurture delivery. However, this is not the norm. Because we are cold calling, we are identifying sellers usually before they have spoken with anyone about their plans to sell. This positions you to have the best chance to earn their business, and also means there is a time gap before meeting.

How should I follow up with these nurtures?

All of our nurtures have a given follow up date listed. We highly recommend following up with these potential sellers on their given follow up date. The seller has just talked to someone and given them specific instructions on when they want a call back. We do recommend putting their email on a drip campaign and/or sending them direct mail with content about your team, a just listed property or just sold property.

Will quantity of nurtures vary by market?

Yes, that the quantity of nurtures may vary. In higher price point areas with lower turnover, you may get fewer nurtures, but the ROI remains constant or may even go up due to the bigger payoff of those price points. Alternatively, you may be in a lower price point market that receives more leads since it takes more transactions to hit the same ROI.

Does every nurture I receive hit every criteria point required for a nurture?

Because our leads are not forced registration leads where potential homeowners put in their information online, sometime we do not hit all 5 criteria points, this does not mean the nurture is bad. For example, as the OSA is talking to a prospective seller, the seller says, “I need to sell now because I am being relocated. I am not working with a realtor and I would love to meet. I cant talk anymore though, I am running to a meeting.” In this case, we did not get timeframe of the move. We would still make this nurture available to you as we have determined this to an opportunity to take a listing.

What happens if my ISA quits?

We pride ourselves on our high ISA retention rate. Things sometimes do come up and if one of your ISAs quits we will set up interviews with different ISAs to allow you to select a new ISA. We do this for free and do not charge you for the time the ISA is not calling for your business.

Who does the trainings?

We conduct ongoing trainings with your ISA each week and that training comes from our HQ in Austin, TX. Also, a lot of our clients like to role play with their ISA and provide supplemental training to improve results.

Do they come trained on scripts?

They come trained on 3 scripts:

  • Circle prospecting – With this script your ISA will call in neighborhoods looking for sellers that fit our set of 5 criteria that we have for our seller leads
  • Buyer and Seller Follow up – Your ISA can follow up with buyer and seller leads that you have to see where they are at and pass over people to you who are ready to buy or sell
  • Buyer Pre-qualification – Your ISA will pre-qualify your buyers to make sure to get all the important details you need to know and make sure they are serious before you meet with them.
Are these ISAs working for multiple clients?

Your ISA is dedicated to you and only you. We want this ISA to feel like an extension of your team. We want them to be able to learn about the common objections you face in your market and become the market expert over time.

Who handles the ongoing management of these ISAs?

Each ISA has a team leader that has daily check-ins with your ISA. This helps hold accountable to the goals we have, makes them feel like part of the team and help keep them motivated. This process we use helps keep our retention rate extremely high and helps push your ISA to achieve results higher than simply the minimum standard.

How do the nurtures get delivered?

We want this to be as easy for you as possible and allow you to simply “plug in” to our system. Your ISA can directly integrate into your current systems and put your nurtures into your CRM directly. This way, you do not have to worry about doing anything different than what you are already doing.

How frequently are nurtures delivered to me?

Your nurtures are delivered to you in real time.

Do I get to interact with my ISA?

Absolutely, you are allowed to interact with your ISA whenever you would like. We encourage it to help your ISA feel like they are part of your business and part of your team.

What stats do you track with my ISA?

To ensure your ISA is doing the things they need to do to be successful, we do ongoing tracking. Some of the things we track are:

  • Contacts
  • Bad Numbers
  • Dials
  • Nurtures
  • % of Contacts to Nurture